Consortium Monthly

A website is never fully done. The Consortium Monthly retainer is exclusive to all of our existing clients and ensures that their website is always up to date and growing alongside them.
VAT included
Development of up to one new website page
Small essential development tasks
Dedicated task board and quick communication
VAT included
Up to 3 new pages design & development
Small essential development tasks
Monthly Check-ins
Dedicated task board and quick communication
Expert Consultation


What can we work on?

The hours can be used however you need them. Generally clients use them to create new pages, add blog posts, optimise for SEO or work on responsiveness. Many clients book in consultations when they're not sure about they're next big move digitally. We're here to partner with you for the long haul.

Who is it for?

Our retainers are usually exclusively offered to existing clients who want to maintain high standards as their website grows alongside them. A website is never fully done. There's always more that can be done!

How will it work?

Once subscribed we'll get in touch with next steps. Typically we'll finalise communication methods, timelines and talk through your needs.

Can I cancel?

You'll be able to cancel anytime. Just let us know before your next payment is due.